Town of East Fishkill Water District Interconnections

This water infrastructure project will commence construction in May 2021 and complete construction by December 2021.  The Water District Interconnections include Fishkill Plains/Brettview to Hopewell West (Worley Homes), Fishkill Plains/Brettview to Revere Park, Hopewell Hamlet/Glen to Fishkill Plains/Brettview.  If you have any questions, please contact the Water and Sewer Department at (845) 223-5114.

Maybrook Trailway - the future expansion of the Dutchess Rail Trail (WRS-DRT) and the Empire State Trail from Brewster, New York to the historic Railroad Depot in Hopewell Junction

Dutchess County Transportation Council's Safety Assesment of County Road 9 / Beekman Road, dated January 2019

Carol Drive Bridge Replacement

Hilltop Manor Draft Environmental Impact Statement

Hopewell Glen Water Test Results

Hopewell Precision

Montage at East Fishkill Subdivision web site

Hillside Lake Water Quality Improvement Projects

Project Redtail - Project documents