The Building Department is open to the public on Monday through Fridays from 8:00am – 4:00pm.

For your convenience, the drop box will remain in the front double doors.  The drop box is available to the public 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday – Friday.  Please do NOT place cash in the box.  

Building Department's General Permit Application Process:

When the Building Department receives an Application (General Permit Application to be used for every project) the process starts.

1.  Application needs to be complete - all pertinent information needs to be submitted (see Permit package (project specific) for work being done).
2.  A pre-site inspection is scheduled with the Applicant/Contrator.
3.  After the site inspection, a plan review is done by the Building Inspector.
4.  Once the Application has been approved a Permit will be issued.
5.  We will call for Permit pick-up when ready.
6.  Permit card should be posted, and work may begin.
7.  The Applicant/Contractor should call in for all inspections.  This will be discusssed at the pre-site inspection.
8.  Once the final inspection has been completed and passed, a Final Certificate will be issued.

Please note:  A Certificate of Occupancy fee is required, if applicable.

Click here to visit the Building Permit Applications & Forms page for all Building Permit and Engineering Permit Applications and the Current Fee Schedules.

The Building Department is located on the Lower Level of Town Hall.  The entrance is in the rear of the building.

The Building Inspectors, Fire Inspector, Stormwater Management Officer, Zoning Officer, and Floodplain Administrator can be found in the Building Department offices.